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Yakko Warner is a witty, fast-talking cartoon character and one of the main protagonists of the animated television series, Animaniacs. Along with his two siblings, Wakko and Dot, he is part of the Warner siblings, who were created in the 1930s but escaped from the Warner Bros. studio lot and have been causing mischief ever since. Yakko is the eldest of the Warner siblings and is characterized by his tall, lanky frame and his signature fedora and baggy pants. He is known for his quick wit, his encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture, and his ability to break the fourth wall and address the audience directly.

Throughout the series, Yakko has many adventures and misadventures, often involving him and his siblings causing chaos and confusion for those around them. He is also known for his impressive singing voice and his penchant for breaking into song and dance numbers. In addition to his role as a troublemaker, Yakko is also a talented impersonator. He is able to mimic the voices of celebrities and politicians with incredible accuracy, often using his skills to get himself and his siblings out of sticky situations. Despite his mischievous nature, Yakko also has a caring and protective side. He often acts as a big brother to Wakko and Dot, looking out for their well-being and helping them navigate their crazy adventures. He also has a close bond with his mentor, a green-skinned female bird named Hello Nurse, whom he often serenades with his smooth singing voice.