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What is Choice?

A company with 20 years of Professional Pop Culture Art Experience, Choice has grown from a single portfolio of animation drawings to a powerful, market-leading worldwide fine art force. Usually, when companies expand, their degree of personal care gets lost in the shuffle of touching new continents, customers, and artists. At Choice, however, the compliments from our customers, artists, and partners still constantly stream in because we have found the “secret mixture” of ingredients to maintain our almost-familial ties to all of our contacts: top notch service and above-and-beyond care. 
We have one of the largest inventories in the world of limited edition, original, and special artwork as well as original production artwork of all kinds. As passionate art lovers ourselves (and lovers of the beloved characters featured in art), we are always sourcing art that is either so visually spectacular, so cool, or so special that we feel privileged to provide it to our fans. 
We have experience that virtually no one else in our industry can boast. Our commitment to authenticity, customer service, and care has gotten us to where we are. It drives everything we do. When you are considering where your next purchase should come from, opt for a team that knows the art like their lives have revolved around it- because, for many of us, it has! In our  20+ years in business, our focus has always been on outstanding customer service. It has empowered us and has anchored our growth. 
Our art is phenomenal and our collectors are extraordinary, so it is our pleasure to serve the two. We are committed to going above and beyond. Whether it is hand-delivering a statue to an international collector or just having a nice chat with someone who calls in, our focus on “Customer First” knows no bounds.  We are a family at scale. We treat you like you are one of us- because, after all, you are. 
We are about going the extra mile to delight. 

We believe that making the extra effort to show up means the world, that hand-delivering and hand-picking assortments is appreciated and that going above-and-beyond is the only option for a group as abuzz with excitement as we are. 

We relish the opportunity to do and make it a point of personal pride for everyone team member we bring on. Unlike any other gallery, we attend dozens of Comic-Cons, store openings, and pop culture events in multiple countries to ensure that we are not just some faceless internet retailer. Although we cannot be everywhere, we make every effort to take the trips to catch up with our collectors so that our interactions are part “art appreciation” and part “family reunions.”