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C-3PO, often referred to simply as Threepio, is a character from Star Wars. As a protocol droid, he is known for his fluent knowledge of over six million forms of communication, as well as his fastidious and somewhat fussy personality. Introduced in the first Star Wars film, A New Hope, C-3PO quickly became a fan-favorite character, captivating audiences with his endearing quirks and comedic timing. Throughout the Star Wars franchise, C-3PO plays a vital role as a translator and advisor to the series' main characters. His interactions with R2-D2, his astro-mech droid counterpart, have become a highlight of the series, with the two droids engaging in witty banter and often finding themselves in the middle of the action. Despite his sometimes cowardly nature and his tendency to complain, C-3PO proves himself to be a loyal and devoted friend to the series' heroes, often risking his own safety to help them in their mission to save the galaxy.