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The Legendary Big Man Signed By Patrick Ewing

By: Looney Tunes Studio Art

Limited Edition Cel

MEDIUM: Limited Edition Hand-Painted Cel
16" x 14"
SIGNED: Hand-Signed by Patrick Ewing

ABOUT THE IMAGE: "Take it to the HOLE!" The inimitable Patrick Ewing takes the challenge of a little "hoop," Looney Tunes Style! Though faced with the otherwise daunting prospect of facing down seven opponents, (not to mention a rocket, a butterfly net, a trampoline, a ladder and a pogo stick...) this 10-time All-Star and "DreamTeam" player literally rises to the occasion. After learning some of the finer points of cartoon basketball during the filming of the epic adventure "Space Jam," Patrick is up for a little game of "one-on-seven," (the odds are evened in that the "one" is seven feet tall). The rules are being enforced by referee Porky Pig, who seems to be calling Tweety for goal-tending! A champion in every sense of the word, this future Hall-of-Farner shoots and scores!

This limited edition cel began with a master inking (from the animation) which was then silk-screened onto an acetate sheet (or "cel") along with the Warner Bros. seal. Patrick Ewing's signature was witnessed by two members of the Warner Bros. Studio Store Gallery's design team. Each cel was then expertly hand-painted on the reverse side. The original background photograph was reproduced using a four-color lithography process on acid-free paper. The edition number was hand-inked on each cel in an edition size of 500 pieces. Upon completion of the edition, the master inking and original background were archived.

ABOUT THE MEDIUM: Hand-painted limited edition cels showcase legendary characters and recreate classic moments from great cartoons, using the same materials and techniques as were used in making the originals. Cel painting is a time-honored, and extremely exacting process requiring that each color be individually applied by hand.