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The Faces Of Evil

By: Various Artists


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Various Artists

MEDIUM: Giclée on Canvas Edition
SIZE: 31" x 31"
ARTIST:  Various Artists
SKU: CP1521D 

ABOUT THE IMAGE: Batman and his villains have and continue to connect with fans all over the world in their seven-decade history. They are the most recognizable characters in comics of both past, present, and very likely, the future. Rendered by the artists who had a key influence on Batman’s villains as they evolved through the years, we have a study that shows an evolution in time and character. In short, the face and styles may change, but the hero and bad guys remain the same.

ABOUT THE ARTISTS: The edition, printed in the Fine Art Giclée  process on canvas is signed by nine of the 16 artists: Neal Adams, Simone Bianchi, Adam Hughes, Jim Lee, Jose Garcia Lopez, Dustin Nugyen, Paul Dini, Alex Ross and Bruce Timm.