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By: Looney Tunes Studio Art

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Michael Cole

  • MEDIUM:  Giclée on Paper Edition 
  • SIZE: 20" x 20"
  • EDITION SIZE: 150  
  • ARTIST:  Michael Cole
  • SIGNED: Michael Cole
  • SKU: CP1409


  • MEDIUM:  Giclée on Canvas Edition
  • SIZE: 22" x 22"
  • EDITION SIZE: 150 
  • ARTIST:  Michael Cole
  • SIGNED:  Artist Michael Cole
  • SKU: CP1409D

ABOUT THE IMAGE: First conceptualized in 1948 by Chuck Jones, Wile E. Coyote has appeared in 42 Looney Tunes cartoons with Road Runner. The suggestive hints in the piece offer insight into Wile E’s character. For instance, “Ethelbert” is Wile E’s middle name, and 11 represents the number of gags in many of the Road Runner/Coyote cartoon shorts. The unusual border on the canvas version features vignettes of Wile E.’s classic confrontation with the Road Runner. Renown “Veggie Tales” animator, Michael Cole interprets Wile as oversized to show both his nature, and enormous ego. Cole’s credits include theme park designs for Disneyland and Disney Hong Kong’s attractions, “A Bug’s Life,” “Toy Story” and “Hello Mickey.”

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Michael Cole While at Disney, Cole developed expressive fine art featuring the Looney Tunes characters. Having grown up watching Looney Tunes cartoons, Cole felt a particular affinity for Bugs, Daffy and the gang, and was inspired to develop unique imagery with these works.  Cole also worked with the hit animated series “VeggieTales.”