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Lambert The Sheepish Lion Original Production Model Sheet: Lion and Stork Models

By: Walt Disney Studio Art


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Lion and Stork Models

MEDIUM: O​riginal Production Model Sheet Print
IMAGE SIZE: 14" x 11"
PRODUCTION: Lambert The Sheepish Lion
YEAR: 1952
SKU: CCV1151

ABOUT THE IMAGE: Lambert the Sheepish Lion is a Disney animated short film that was released in 1952. Lambert the Sheepish Lion was directed by Jack Hannah, and the voice of the narrator and the stork was provided by actor and Disney legend, Sterling Holloway.

Lambert, a lion cub, is mistakenly delivered in a flock of sheep by a stork (the same stork that was seen in Dumbo). He is taken in by a ewe after none of the delivered lambs choose her to be their mother, and the ewe refuses to let the stork take him away. Lambert lives his life thinking he is a sheep... until he is forced to unlock his true nature to defend the flock from an attack by a hungry wolf.

"OK Jack Hannah" embedded in the sheet below the title by the film's directors.

ABOUT THE MEDIUM: A model sheet is a group of character drawings illustrating different poses and expressions of a cartoon character. Because a number of artists worked on a single cartoon, these sheets were circulated to the animators to give a uniform look and feel to a character throughout a production.