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Invaders From Mars!

By: Looney Tunes Studio Art


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Juan Ortiz

MEDIUM:  Lithograph on Fine Art Paper
SIZE: 31.75" x 21"
ARTIST: Juan Ortiz
SIGNED:  Hand-Signed by Artist Juan Ortiz
SKU: CP1271

ABOUT THE IMAGE:  Harkening back to the B-horror movie posters of the 1950s, Invaders from Mars! seeks to parody the B-movie genre by using Marvin the Martian as the evil invader who seeks to take over Earth. Designed and rendered by Juan Ortiz, each print in the edition is hand-signed by Ortiz. This is the companion piece to Monster of A Star, designed and illustrated by storyboard artist, Paul McEvoy.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Juan Ortiz has been an illustrator/designer for Disney and Warner Bros. for 25 years. He has penciled covers for DC Comics’ Looney Tunes and Tiny Toons magazines. He is also the publisher of his own comic book series, Silver Comics, seen in the Disney/Dreamworks release I Am Number Four (produced by Steven Spielberg) as well as The Skull Army, a macabre/detective pulp.