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Groucho Bugs

By: Looney Tunes Studio Art


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MEDIUM:  Limited Edition Cel
SIZE: 12" x 10"
SKU: RM1004

ABOUT THE IMAGE: “Groucho Bugs” a limited edition cel was taken from original artwork from the 1956 cartoon, “Wideo Rabbit.” In this cartoon Bugs is attempting to avoid appearing as the prey in Elmer Fudd’s “Sportsman’s Hour” TV show. This leads to a chase all over the studio wherein Bugs goes into every show in the studio. In this scene while pursuing Bugs, Elmer winds up on the set of a show where Bugs is dressed as Groucho asks Elmer what the secret word was for $50, what his name was and what he was looking for. Elmer says he was looking for a rabbit, a crazy fresh rabbit. In response, Bugs as Groucho says “Oh, a fresh hare fiend.”  Each cel in this edition has been hand-inked, hand-painted and individually numbered.