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Storm Trooper

Stormtroopers are soldiers who serve the Galactic Empire in Star Wars. They are known for their iconic white armor and helmets, as well as their unwavering loyalty to the Empire. While many stormtroopers are faceless and anonymous, some have been given unique backstories and personalities in various Star Wars films.

One such stormtrooper is FN-2187, later known as Finn. Finn was a stormtrooper who served in the First Order, a new regime that rose from the ashes of the Empire. Unlike most stormtroopers, Finn was not a lifelong soldier, but rather a conscripted soldier who was taken from his family as a child and trained to fight for the First Order. In the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Finn becomes disillusioned with the First Order's brutality and defects, joining forces with the Resistance and teaming up with Rey and Han Solo to take down the First Order's Starkiller Base. Along the way, Finn forms a close bond with Rey and begins to question his loyalty to the First Order.