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Cinderella: Limited Edition Hand-Painted Cel

By: Walt Disney Studio Art


MEDIUM: Limited Edition Hand-Painted Cel 
IMAGE SIZE: 12 x 16 inches
SKU: CCV1991

This limited edition (500, plus 25 artist's proofs) of hand-painted character cels (with backgrounds) from Walt Disney’s 1950 feature-length animated film, Cinderella, is one of a series of selected limited editions of original artwork from cartoon classics issued by The Walt Disney Company.

Since the original cels used in the production of Cinderella are no longer available the Studio has recreated the artwork using special techniques. The original animation drawings were inked by a Disney artist. and this inked line was transferred to acetate plastic "cels" by a special Xerox

process. The colors are Disney-created acrylic-based paints that were hand-applied by Disney painters. To protect the delicate lines and paints, each limited-edition cel in this series has been laminated on both sides with a clear plastic.

The background scenes for these cels have been faithfully reproduced by a Disney background artist, using as reference original Cinderella background paintings, sketches, and frames from the film. The final results have been printed on high-quality paper.

Comes with the original certificate of authenticity.