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Wonderful World of Color Original Production Cel: Mickey and Minnie Mouse

By: Walt Disney Studio Art


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Mickey and Minnie Mouse

MEDIUM: Original Production Cel on Printed Background
PRODUCTION: Wonderful World of Color, 1950
IMAGE SIZE: 13.5" x 10.5"
FRAMING: Framing included in Pricing
SKU: CCV1603

ABOUT THE IMAGE: Does Mickey really love Minnie? Does a bear... well, never mind, you know the answer! But in case you weren't sure, here's a very sweet sequence of four original hand-painted production cels of Mickey Mouse with Minnie, in which the romantic rodents give each other a big smooch! These images were taken from the 1968 celebration of 40 years with Mickey that originally aired on 12/22/1968 as part of the anthology TV series Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color. From the Disney Artist/Producer Joe Hale Archive. Comes with certificate of authenticity. 

ABOUT THE MEDIUM:  Original Production Cels are one-of-a-kind pieces of art that were used in the creation of an animated film or television show. Each has been hand-painted by studio artists on a piece of celluloid acetate, and has been photographed over a background painting to create a frame of the finished production.