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Batman and Mr. Freeze SubZero Original Production Cel: Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson

By: DC Comics Studio Artist


Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson

MEDIUM: ​Original Production Cel Printed Background
IMAGE SIZE: 10.5" x 9"
PRODUCTION: Batman and Mr.Freeze Subzero, 1998
SKU: IFA7343

ABOUT THE IMAGE: Subzero, Mr. Freeze returns to Gotham City to kidnap Barbara Gordon. Batman and Robin discover that Barbara's disappearance is all part of Mr. Freeze's plot to help his dying wife. He will do whatever it takes, even if it means the death of Barbara. Original release date March 17, 1998.  This piece comes with a certificate of authenticity.

ABOUT THE MEDIUM: Original production cels are one-of-a-kind pieces of art that were used in the creation of an animated film or television show. Each has been hand-painted by studio artists on a piece of celluloid acetate, and has been photographed over a background painting to create a frame of the finished production.